Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Craft Room

Hello (Again!). Wow...two posts in one week :) I couldn't stand walking through the front door and looking into this room and seeing boxes everywhere. So......I spent half of the day on Tuesday and unpacked my new craft space. I shared one picture on facebook and someone requested that I share the rest of the room.....So here it is----!!

I am so excited to have my very own space for my scrappy stuff. Previously, our guest room was my craft room so I had a bed in there and lots of other stuff. I have this adorable cute little room....all my own. I am so lucky!! It may be small but it is perfect for me (and my sidekick Lauren, who loves it just as much as I do!)

This is the room: As you walk into the room, the back wall houses two tall black drawer shelves which hold embellishments of all sorts, ribbons, dies, and a drawer of cards. The black cabinet with wicker baskets hold my machines (Wizard, Cuttlebug, plates and some Cricut software.) The baskets hold stamps....many here are various companies but if I had enough I used a basket for each company (The Cat's Pajamas, Our Craft Lounge, Unity Stamp Co., Stampendous, etc.) On top is a magnetic board that holds brads and other small items. I have my very first magazine cover framed on the left side and a board that I can display some of the precious cards from my stamping friends.

This picture shows the wall to the left as you walk in. This cabinet holds my embellishment box on top. The long white box holds spools of ribbons and the two large white bins on the bottom hold my My Favorite Things stamps. The drawers hold envelopes, adhesive runners and refills. The three stacking wicker basket shelf holds Gina K Designs stamps (some of them) and punches (which will eventually be housed on railings on the wall when I get around to it.)

And this is the right hand wall when you walk in. This side has my desk --which has some amazing storage and holds all of my ink pads on top or in a drawer and all my markers, paints, inks, etc. There is a drawer of Gina K Design stamps, a drawer of paper pads, a drawer full of adhesives and a drawer full of other fun embellishment stuff!

I keep my Cricut Expression on the side table---out so I will use it. My sewing machine is on a lift in the center of the desk so I just pop it up when I want to use it. The white tower to the right holds most of my cardstock and I have two tall containers that house all my favorite designer paper.

Well....that is it. Thanks for letting me share my crafty space.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Testing....1, 2, 3!

Hi there. Just wanted to pop in and see if this dusty blog still worked :)

We are getting all settled in our new Pittsburgh home. It has been a busy two months and we are still busily trying to get some home improvements done and walls painted WHILE still taking lots of breaks to enjoy the summer.

There is one thing I am certain of----I definitely miss my creative time. I am counting the days when I have everything else done on my "must-do" list and then I can get to work setting up my office. Right now it is just a room with a desk and about 50 boxes. I keep the door shut so I am not tempted to run in there before I get everything else settled.

I just wanted to check in and let you all know we are doing well and enjoying summer. I hope you are all having a great summer. I miss my crafty friends but I will be back soon! I have so many fun ideas floating around in my head..........but, until then....thanks for stopping by and for all the sweet comments and emails. Hugs!