Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Blog?

I recently asked this question on a stamping site I belong to (recently meaning today!) and I was really moved by all the insights I received as to why so many people blog.

I have been on the fence for awhile but I decided that what the heck? I was just going to start--stamping is such a big part of my life right now that I think this will be a fun way to chronicle my journey.

I plan on having lots of fun giveaways (love those!) and other fun things to make you WANT to come back for more. Oh...yeah--and I will try my best to make sure I give you lots of eye candy too!

Thanks so much for stopping by---if you don't want to miss a post, make sure you add me to your feed (on the right!) so you can get email updates!

Thanks friends....let the journey begin!


Michelle said...

Oh Cammie, I am sooooooo excited that you decided to start your own blog. I just found it! I am adding you to my Google Reader right this minute. I surely don't want to miss ANYTHING you do! :-)

Colleen said...

Welcome to the blogging world...I definitely will be back...your work is beautiful!

Trudee said...

Welcome to blog land, Cammie!! You will be a great success! Love your work!!