Saturday, November 17, 2007

"The Worstist Day"

Uggg…my son has a foreign object in his hand.


Worse…because it is my son (the biggest 46 lb-almost-5-year-old baby you ever met. I call him “junior” for good reason---my husband is the same way—just weighs a bit more! Shhh…my husband just thinks he is called that because they look exactly alike!)

Anyway, we went out to dinner last Sunday and on the way my very sweet, but not always intelligent, son was walking along the edge of the sidewalk and looked back at us to say something and ….

He fell right off the sidewalk—which is not a big deal in itself but when we peeled him off the ground his hand was bleeding..a lot. Waterworks start….the child is shreiking (and I mean loud) so bad we had to get him into the car just to buffer the noise.

Turns out there were little rocks and glass pieces on the ground and he landed directly on one. For either of our other children, this would not have been a big deal but because it was Ben….it was the end of the world.

Finally we got the bleeding (and crying controlled). All of the blood came from one little spot….there was a little hole but we managed to wash it off and get a bandaid on it. Whew!

In his words “It was the worstist day ever.”

Since then, he has coddled his hand…refusing to do anything with it. Today, when I took another look at it—not red but there is a little lump right below the cut. Ughhh…

My husband is the physician but when it comes to injury on the homefront, I am often the one to take charge (unless it has anything to do with barf---I hate barf!)

My usual go-to treatment is to just slap some Neosporin on anything open, anything that itches, or anything that just doesn’t look right. It works….that stuff helps fight infection that may be lurking, helps in healing and provides just enough mental medicine so the kids know that their injuries were addressed.

Ben was treated with “mom’s medicine” several times this week, so I am not too worried. I am just hoping that it is a blood pocket and not a rock or piece of glass because if it is something that has to come out….I assure you—you will hear him screaming no matter where you live.

I am a good mommy, I am a good mommy. If I repeat this enough, even I start to believe it.


Julie Campbell said...

Yeah Cammie! Welcome to the blogging world!

Shannan said...

You are a good mommy!!! Hope he feels better soon!

lace and denim said...

You have to have a sense of humor to be a good mother and it sounds like you have one. Those little ones really can be melodramatic can't they? Hope it's nothing serious and he recuperates nicely.

I enjoyed reading your new blog. Keep up the good job.

I, too am very new to the world of blogging (only a little more than a week). My daughter set mine up, but it still scared me half to death! But I am adjusting and finding it so much fun. At least so far.

Rose Ann said...

I'm so sorry about "Junior's" accident. I'm like you...Neosporin is the magic healer.

Jacque (SCS: Petals) said...

Oh my goodness, I almost wet myself. This sounds waaaayyy too much like my own family! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with the "I am a good mommy" daily affirmation!