Monday, January 14, 2008


I was tagged again.

My good friend Tosh tagged me last week but it was a tag I had already received so I didn’t do it (so I wouldn't bore you to tears).

Today, I was tagged by my buddy Alli Miles. She is such an inspiration to me and I LOVE reading her blog everyday.

1. Name your two favorite scrapbook topics?
I guess I would have to say layout and creative picture placement. I get tired of doing the same old layouts and love to hear about innovative ways to show off those pictures.

2. What are the two best places you've been to? I went to Hawaii with my husband (we ran the Honolulu Marathon and got engaged on that trip!) and we recently visited Colorado (just stunning views and I was just in awe of the beauty of this state.)

3. Name two things you do every day? Tell my family I love them and pray.

4. Tell us two things that everyone pretty much knows about you? I have some crazy kids (!) and I love to create things.

5. Two places you wish to visit? Germany and Australia.

6. Two things you may not know about me are: I am obsessive about finger nails. I keep my kids nails cut and clean at all times—it is a big thing for me! (Have no idea why!?) Also, I love to run. It clear my mind and also helps because I love to eat!

7. Two nicknames you've had at some time in your life: Cam (Cammie); Camster; BamBam

8. Name two of your favorite drinks? Diet A&W, Mike’s Hard Lemonade (can I say that?)

9. What are two interesting (in a good or bad way) jobs you've had in your life? I was the public relations director for the private high school I attended. I waited tables for MANY years at an Iranian restaurant.

10. What are two things you would like to learn? I would love to learn more about geography. I am trying to learn along with my 11 year old because, unfortunately, I never learned it well enough. Also, I love gardening. I would love to learn more about this.

11. What two things would make your scrapping/stamping work space work even better for you? a tidy space that is organized and purging supplies (ditto!)

12. What are two of your best organizational tips for stampers that do not have a lot of space? Try to clean as you go so you never feel overwhelmed by the mess you have! (Do as I say NOT as I do!) Also, definitely purge anything you have not used in the past year.

13. What are your two favorite stamping toys? Right now, I love my Nestabilities and my Copics. These tools have helped me so much in my cardmaking.

14. If you could have TWO super-powers, what would they be? Definitely the power of healing and it would also be cool to have x-ray vision!15. Name two words that describe your stamping/scrapbooking style?Clean and detailed.

16. Name two of your favorite colors to design with? Red and olive.

I'm supposed to tag two people to answer the above questions and then to also add a question of their own. The only requirement is that the question must be in twos. I am going to tag my good friends Tosha Leyendekker and Rae Barthel. In addition to being so sweet, these ladies are so amazing and so fantastically talented. I am honored to call them my friends. Check out their blogs for some awesome inspiration!

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