Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More awards!

I received a few more awards from my AWESOME stamping friends--

Jennifer nominated me for this award. Thank you so much Jennifer. You know how much I love your work--you are a sweetheart!

The Arte Y Pico (Art & More) Award is given to bloggers who share their art and creativity making their contribution to the blogging world.
Carla gave me this award and wrote this on her blog (which pretty much brought me to tears):

"Cammie, of My Blog. Carolyn King, (Cammie), is a stamp designer and designs for other companies as well. She's making a pretty big splash in the stamping world right now, and is just going to get bigger (her splash, not her literally!). I pick her not just for her artistic ability, which is obvious, but because she still makes time for the people making little splashes, like me!"

(The really hysterical thing was when I read this I was eating an oreo---I immediately dropped it!)

Thanks so much Carla!!!!
And Bee gave me this award as well! Check out her blog--she has some very cool projects on there! Thank you, Bee, for making me feel so special.


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Aw, that IS just so sweet! It IS true, though! You always make time for people and that is a very special quality!

Judi said...

That was very nice and very much deserved.

Jessie/knightrone said...

That is so sweet, and you are definitely deserving!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Carla said...

You're welcome! And you're right about the house-they weren't the right ones. It will work out!

Lee said...

Well, you ARE special!!! I always see your comments on so many of the blogs I visit!!! You spread a little sunshine everywhere you go!!

Juanita B said...

Ooooh, you so deserve it. TFS.

Jennifer Buck said...

:) deserve them all! Thanks for being you! :)

Julie Koerber said...

Hey Cammie! I'm sorry your house deal fell through. I believe everything happens for a reason -- sometimes it's just frustrating waiting for the "reason!" I have to tell you though, my mom is in town so I haven't been blog surfing this week. In an attempt to catch up, I hit a few of my faves (you're on that list!) and I almost died laughing at your inspector and the underwear story! OMG! If I were you, I'd be laughing about that for years! Maybe you should just demand inspections weekly so you can get someone to fold your laundry!!! LOL! Take care!