Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma OVER Board

It's Monday and time for another CCEE Challenge. This week is the CNFS (Catchy Name Featured Stamper) where we feature someone who has a catchy user name over on SCS.

This week Cindy chose Grandma Overboard. Here are Cindy's instructions: Your card must have a Grandma Overboard on it. She could have fallen out of a boat, off the stage, out of the tree, off of a flower, into the pool, off your card, into an oval, off of a building, off of a horse, out of a sleigh, out of an airplane, etc. etc. etc. She just has to be overboard!! Cindy also warned us that if we were thinking of cheating and just putting the words Grandma Overboard on our card, then those words have to be falling off/out of something!

No problem!




I decided to put the fun grandma driving stamp from You Know You're Old When (Gina K Designs) over a board. The board is just a piece of cut designer paper that has some wood grain on it. I sponged a bit of Tea Dye (Ranger) ink around the edges of it before adhering it to the card. The sentiment is from Tropical Windows (Gina K Designs).

You can check out all the other interpretations of this challenge HERE!

Tonight: Gina K Designs PREVIEWS begin!

Thanks for stopping by!


Casmiles said...

Loved your card, Cammie, and all the others as well. Too cute. As I'm getting just a little older, I'm going to have to invest in a few more "granny" images.

Alli Miles said...

LOVE your take on the challenge! Awesome card--full of life :)

lisa808 said...

What a fun card!

Shelia said...

How cute, it sure gave me a chuckle. My 9 year old granddaughter spent some time with me yesterday. The word old was mentioned a time or two.

Donna said...

Cute card! What a cute idea. I'm sure it will give someone a laugh!

Cindy Haffner said...

Too cute Cammie, love your OVERBOARD

Dawn said...


Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

This is so cute, Cam! Love your granny and the puffy cloud.

Starla said...

BWHAHAAAA!! Well, as my kiddos LOVE to point out when they pull a move like this on me...Granny is OVER a board!
Cute, cute, cute!!

Lori said...

Your to funny, this is adorable!

Jingle said...

HA! This card is too cute! Totally making me smile!

Connie said...

hehehe! This is such an adorable card, Cammie!! Love your interpretation!

Donna Fleming said...

Hi Cammie, now if that board were actually a curb you'd be right on! My husband is always getting after me for hitting the curb! But seriously, thanks for the fun interpretation of my user name. It's been fund seeing all the different cards you talented gals have come up with. Thanks for making my day with such a great card!

Donna Fleming aka Grandma Overboard

Rita said...

I just love what you decided to do here with this one...your always thinking girl!!! I luv it! Welcome back kiddo!!!

Joanne (jojot) said...

too funny.....I have a feeling Mothersnotdot might have some choice words for this one....let the fun begin

Silke said...

Tooo stinkin' cute - Cammie!!!

Mary said...

This card but a huge smile on my face. It is awesome. Who would not want to get a card like this?


Donna said...

lol - too funny! I really need to get this stamp some day! I love that VW bug!

Savor the Journey said...

Oh how FUNNY!! Love the laughs, and the so-fun idea for the challenge! Clever Cammie ... 'over' a board!

So Ms. Clever - a.k.a. 'kreative' ... I've left a Kreative Blogger's Award for you over at my blog! Why? Now that's a silly question!! ;)


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