Thursday, January 28, 2010

CHA Pictures they are....some of the pictures I took from CHA. I was really bad about taking pictures. I saw/met lots of other wonderful stampy friends but I was so excited to hug most people that I forgot to take a picture.

The BEST thing about CHA is seeing all your wonderful friends who you have "known" for ages but have never met in person!

Dawn Easton and I (I admit, I swiped this from her blog!) LOVE her and it was so nice to give her a hug for real:

Stamper's Dream Team: Tosh Leyendekker, me, Michelle Rodgers (owner of Stamper's Dream store) and Amy Sheffer. LOVE these gals! It was so fun to have time to sit and talk (oh yeah....and eat!)

Me, Kim Van der Sanden (My Favorite Things), Deborah Anton. I spend most of my time with these awesome ladies (and Alma!):

Me and Maren Benedict! LOVE her....Should have gotten a picture of the "drink" we had that night!

JustRite/Stamper's Dream Dinner: We had a GREAT time at the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday night! Thanks Kellie!!!!!!!

Debbie Olsen, me, Kellie Fortin (JustRite), Sharon Harnist, Amy.

Debbie Olsen, Me, Tosh, Kellie, Sharon, Amy, Michelle:

At the TradeShow with Amy, Alma de la Rosa (The Cat's Pajamas), Kim and Deb:

I had a blast hanging out with all my stamping friends. It is really fun to get together with so many people who "get" what you do. I miss them already!

Thanks for stopping by!


stampmonkey said...

WOW! Looks like you had a great time! Wish I could've been there too. Some day.... Thanks for sharing your pics. You're very photogenic, Cammie. ;)

Maria Levine said...

These are awesome pics, everyone looks fabulous! Looks like you guys had a super fabulous time!! TFS!

Yvonne Jackson said...

What a fantastic time you all looked to have had. Perhaps next year I might make it down there!

Debby said...

looks like you had fun!!Hoping to get to CHA one day too.

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Awesome pictures! I love seeing people pics from the show. Thanks for sharing them!

Dawn Easton said...

Carolyn, it looks like a fabulous time!! Wish I stayed for the trade show part now...darn! LOL!

It was fabulous to meet you!!

Patti J said...

Wow! Looks liks SO much fun! And girl, you are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!

Christina Fischer said...

Great photos!! I bet you all had a blast! Hopefully someday we'll meet at CHA! :)

Maren said...

Love the photos. Maybe it is best we didn't take a picture of what we drank...ugh! :) Love ya!

Amy Sheffer said...

It was AWESOME hanging out with you at CHA!

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Silke Ledlow said...

Awesome photos GF!!! Glad you had a blast!!! Hugs ~S~

Alyssa S said...

You look fabulous in all of these! Thanks for sharing!

Deebi27 said...

Looks like you had a BLAST at CHA. I would love to bump into those whose blogs I read day in and day out. To see you all in action for real would be awesome to say the least. Chicago is so much closer...could I come and play too?

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

It was so much fun meeting everyone!! I did get a pic of the drink you & Mare had. I'll email it to you when I get home.