Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Candy Winner!

Hello everyone! Random.Cara selected a blog candy winner last night. She chose number 127. Congratulations to Just Margo who said, "WOO HOO...loving the subscriber benefits...thanks so much(And, will add that light blue, lavender, and white is always lovely!)--Margo"

Margo, please email me your mailing address!!! Congratulations.

Have a wonderful weekend. I was scheduled to travel to PA this weekend to attend my Goddaughter's christening but the weather did not cooperate. My flights were cancelled. :( Not much you can do about the weather...and I sure appreciate them not taking the "chance" on safe flying conditions!

Stay tuned: The Gina K Designs PREVIEWS begin on Sunday night!!!!


Gloria Westerman said...

Congratulation Margo!!!!!!!!!!

JustMargo said...

OMG!!!! You should have heard the scream that just came out of me! E-mailing address now! Woo hoo! Thank you SO much.
--Margo <-- who is currently coming out of her skin!

Donna said...

Congrats to Margo! So glad your flights were canceled. PA is probably the East Coast weather system that's dumping snow but the weather in the Midwest isn't much better. We have a storm warning for up to 9 inches tonight. So far most has been rain but it's turning to snow now. I can't wait to go home from work and hopefully stay there. Can't wait for the previews!

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