Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday Girl

Hello!! I have no idea where Monday went but apparently it is gone. We had a busy weekend full of football, baseball, a family hike, etc. We also had two showings on our house so we were working hard to keep everything perfect. yuck!
Before I show you my card today...I just had to share a funny Lauren-ism. Lauren is 5 (kindergarten) and is still having some anxiety about school. She still cries some mornings and complains that her belly hurts on most days. On Sunday night, she was complaining that her belly hurt. After I talked to her about it for awhile she said, "I guess I am just tired that is all. I love school, school makes you smart. Remember that time when I got sick in school and had to go home. I was dumb that day." Classic Lauren. Love that girl. Speaking of girls----here is a birthday card I created with Echo Park Paper's Little Girl line: I layered a heart over the cupcake sticker and added some glitter. I added the cupcake to a journaling block and then popped it over some more patterned paper. I love the girl sticker that comes in the kit so I used it on this. (The birthday word is cut from another piece in the collection.) I stitched around the edges to bring a little more white on the purple (gasp! cause I rarely use purple) background.
Materials used: Patterned paper/Element stickers- Little Girl (Echo Park Paper); seam binding- white lyric rose; rhinestones (the Paper Studio); glitter-stickles (Ranger); sewing machine.
Do YOU like Echo Park paper as much as I do? If you answered YES...you might want to pop back tomorrow! (Just sayin') Thanks for stopping by!


Diane said...

Cute card...love the cupcake!! Had to smile at your Lauren...my granddaughter Kendall is also 5 (in Feb)...when I called her on her birthday to wish her a Happy Birthday, we talked for quite awhile...so finally I said "Well,I have to let you go now"...and she said "Where?"...it took me a few minutes to get it....precious!!

Andrea6760 said...

Hi Cammie,

Your cupcake Birthday girl card is adorable! Any girl would love the glitter and cupcake.

Your little Lauren is a Hoot! Its always so cute when they say such funny things in such a serious way. Priceless. Thanks for sharing her story, it put a smile on my face this morning.


Erin Smetak said...

Aw! Love your card!!! And what a funny story about your Lauren! Aren't kids just so hysterical?! My kids are so funny, I started a blog just to write everything down! I have to keep it somewhere so when they are older, we can all look back and laugh!

And yes, I am LOVING what you are creating w/ Echo Paper! I'll be tuning in tomorrow!

Marsha said...

Little girls are so fun. I really enjoy seeing your cards and projects with your Echo Paper.

Starla said...

Don't kiddos just make you wonder how you got your smiles before they came along?!
Cute girly card! hehe....I'd have NO idea how to make one! Guess if I ever need one, I'll just have to CASE you!

Patti J said...

Your card is adorable, and your sweet daughter sounds adorable too! Goodness, how I miss those days! Yes, I adore Echo Park! I actually managed to find a couple sheets in Florida! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing another fabulous creation!

Karen McAlpine said...

Too funny. She probably wants to stay home and make cards with you. I would cry too if I couldn't make cards. LOL. Love the card.

joanne said...

My first child, a son and now aged 40, was not ready for kindergarten at the age of 5. He was just not wanting to go. We kept him home and he went the following year becoming more mature and ready then. He was also a year older when completing grade school and ready to meet the real world. Have you considered keeping her home one more year.