Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Passing this along....

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!! I am still visiting my in laws but wanted to pass on an article written by Julie Ebersole regarding controversial blogging practices. I found it very informative and wanted to share it with you. Thank you Julie!


Deb Neerman said...

Hey, Cammie, hope you had a wonderful holiday!

On the heels of your post, I've discovered a chick stealing bandwidth and images from dozens and dozens of our fellow stampers and bloggers. Sadly, you too:

Thought I'd let you know and hopefully, other bloggers will see this post and go there and check out this site.

She's not only stealing my images she's ALSO stealing my bandwidth. So, if you pay for image hosting, you'll be paying for this gal to host your stolen photos!! Great country, huh?!?

Check her out and spread the word.

~Hugs, Deb

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

While there may be some who do it consciously, I still think that many who do this, do it innocently, not knowing the way things work, and the consequences it might have.

A few articles have come out, and had a very serious tone right off the bat (yes, it is a serious topic) but I hope that people will allow some room for forgiveness, if it was an innocent mistake.

I would like to check out the person above, but I am not sure if the link is working and what I am looking for/at. That one sounds intentional -- however, be aware that we are in a time of education for all of us, and I hope that we can all resolve this without malice!

Blessings of Peace and Understanding.

Michelle W. said...

I wanted you to know I really enjoy your blog. I have left an award for you on my blog!