Monday, September 27, 2010

Can't Comment????

I know there are a lot of you who are having difficulties commenting on the Heart to Heart post. I am not sure if it is a problem with google, blogger, chrome or what.

(Was actually happy to hear that because I felt so bad thinking that no one was participating! Thanks for the emails and for the facebook messages!)

Keep trying...there is PLENTY of time left to play along and I am hoping this gets worked out in the meantime. If not--we will figure out another way :)

EDIT: If you get error 503 on blogger when you try to comment....refresh (F5) and try again. That has worked for some!


PS---remember to post your comment on the original Heart to Heart post :)


Lauretta See said...

I know that for ME... when i click on leave a comment ( anywhere on blogger) it gives me an error 503 or something like that.. and i just need to do a refresh ( F5 ) and the normal window comes up, and then i am able to leave my comments.. ) hope this will help out many of your followers :)


Carolyn King said...

Thanks Lauretta...that worked for me too!

Horsebroad said...

Yea! It worked this time!

Lauretta See said...

YAYE!!! So happy it worked :)

Good luck everyone!! :)

Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Tips always welcome, make blogland a much more friendly place to pop in and out, learn and share. Thanks.
Keep Looking UP!