Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello! Hope you are keeping warm today. It seems like it is cold everywhere in the US today. Our temperatures are lower than usual and it is hard to get out of that warm bed in the morning.

Here is a scrapbook page I created of my littlest, Lauren. She was really excited to see snow again this year when we visited my parents over the holidays. She LOVED sledding down the hill and building a snowman.

I used Echo Park's Wintertime line on this page.

When we visited my parents in PA over Christmas, there was snow.
Since our kids don't see snow very often, they get very excited at the chance to play in it.
Lauren woke up every morning and got dressed in her winter clothes so she could go sledding.
Luckily, her daddy was willing to bear the cold to make her happy.

ETA: Some questions answered-- This is a 12 by 12 page. This is the size I usually scrap. I typically do some sort of hidden journaling if I am using my own handwriting (which I hate). If I incorporate the journaling into the page (like this one), I usually type the journaling in Microsoft Word and then print it and cut it up to add it to the page. I stitched around each photo and along the scalloped circle (Spellbinders) to add some texture.

Stay warm!
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Whimsey said...

Super cute, REALLY like the colors of this EP collection; bottom border is divine!

Love the sled and the "wintertime" label - did you stitch on the half circle a the top?

Always glad when dad takes the kids sledding and I can stay inside where it is warm - LOL!!

Tina Gilliland said...

Awesome page!! Wish I got as many pages done as you do!!! I am making a goal to start working on them again! I normally do 8 X 8 pages... are these 12 X 12? Also... do you type your wording and then cut it out? I'm so bad at this! I mean, I usually hand write everything!

Mickie said...

Fabulous work on the LO! Glad the kids got to see it and have a good time. Since I live in SE TX, we don't see much snow, thank goodness! But glad the kids and dad got to play.

Donna said...

Fun page, Cammie. What a wonderful memory for your children if they don;t see snow very often. My kids grew up with snow. I now have one that lives in Utah - lots of snow, one in northern Indiana lots of snow and one at home. We are supposed to get up to 5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. Here we go again. It's been a big year for snow so far. ;)

Starla said...

Every time I see one of you scrap pages I get all fired up to start again. And then I remember that I'm 10 years behind in scrapping and "scrap" the idea.
Maybe I need to start with some mini albums. Yep.....Ok....inspired again! LOL

This turned out so cute!! My kids get really excited when we get snow too.....being So Cal, that is not very often!!

Love the sled in the just makes the page pop

Belinda said...

Ok, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that hates seeing their own handwriting! I just posted a scrapbook layout on my blog-o with my own handwriting and I keep staring at it, wishing I used the computer instead. Haha!

Anyhoo, fun layout! Love your sewing on the circle nestie on the top! And the sled and the mittens hanging from it, ADORABLE! :) Fab fab fab page!

Kathy Martin said...

LOVE! Great design! :)

Rita said...

Awesome layout & I luv the sled & mittens! Send her here, I'll switch places with her, we're getting more snow tomorrow! Just heard on the news about a foot of snow or more is expected...I never believe it till I see it.

Carolina said...

Such an adorable page Cammie!!! Love the layout and the mittens hanging from the sleigh is just such a neat touch!

BTW - how do you take photos of a page this big? It looks great!

Debby said...

Great page Cammie!!!

Lynette said...

Great page, Cammie! How awesome Daddy was willing to do that for her every day! We have had SO much snow this year that I'm thinking it will never go away! said...

Halo Ms. Carolyn King.
I wanna aks you, how to enter pictur to my blog like you?

Amy Johnson said...

What an adorable page! Love the color combo, the words beneath the pics, and the sled and mittens. Just too cute!