Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miss Me? don't have to answer that!

Sorry for the lack of blogging---Life has been getting in the way this week:
1. My son had his first baseball tournament (two games on Saturday and one on Sunday)
2. My mother-in-law came for a visit
3. We found out last Wednesday that someone wanted to come see our house (from out of town) and were asked by our realtor if we could have it ready by Saturday
4. (In case #3 was confusing) We are moving and JUST put our house on the market (two weeks earlier than originally planned)
5. My son had a fever and was sick right after his Sunday game
6. We had two showings in the first two days our house was on the market
7. My son has been out of school since Monday so I am trying to keep him caught up at home (btw....Teachers do NOT earn enough money)
8. So....things have been busy :)

I did sneak in a little play time last week. (Just an hour or so in front of the TV). I HAD to play with the Little Girl line from Echo Park (esp. since I now have their newest lines sitting here.)

I have been wanting to scrap this special tradition that my youngest daughter and I had last year (when she was in pre-school). Here is a detail shot:
Here is the page-- Table for Two
These are pictures of my youngest enjoying our Friday ritual---- we would go play at the neighborhood park and then go to lunch at her favorite restaurant- McAllister's. It is the only time I ever saw her eat everything on her plate. It was our special time (because the rest of the weekend was spent taking her siblings to all their activities and social events.)
I miss those days and seriously consider pulling her out of kindergarten one Friday for one more trip :(
Anyway...sorry for the absence. I promise some super FUN things are coming. Things I am excited about and things YOU will be excited about too.
Thanks so much for stopping by today. Back to neurotic cleaning :)


Tracey said...

I love your layout Cammie!! So fabulous!! And what a fun tradition. We have to enjoy all the little moments! xx

Donna said...

Great page, Cammie! And what a fun ritual with your daughter. I can see why you would miss that. Good luck with your house!

Sheri said...

Great layout and I love the "table for 2" Just wonderful! Are you staying in the same city as you are in now or moving far away? Oh what a job that is

Tina Gilliland said...

Well now "I" DEFINITELY missed you!! Sorta.. I text when I'm lonely. LOL Your page AND daughter are just adorable!!! OMGosh... hold on to these younger years... mine is growing up WAY to fast!!! I miss my baby... and it's so hard to see it happening. *sniff sniff* P.S. Take her out of school... ONE more time!! Do it now before she doesn't remember your special time together.

Patti J said...

School is SO overrated...go ahead and take her to lunch on Friday! lol..... She's so sweet! I agree, though with everything Tina has said above. As mom of a DD 30, and a DS 35, one day you will blink and they will be grown. Glad your week is slowing down enough to show us your great creations!!! Hugs...

Starla said...

Love the darling layout! What a fun memory! I'm with the others, I say take her out of school one Friday afternoon " just because". Of course, once her siblings get wind of it, you'll have to pull each of them some Friday, "just because", LOL!

Erin Smetak said...

I HAVE missed your blog! LOVE your pages! What a great tradition! I would definitely take her out of school one day! LOL! It's fun to have a Mommy and Me afternoon! Especially when "breaking" the rules!
You're moving?! Didn't you just move into your house? I remember you posting pics of your new home! Best of luck w/ selling it and all the packing you'll have to do!

Melanie said...

what an awesome page!! what an adorable subject!
get better, have lots to share with you!!

Mary Friederichsen said...

This layout is so adorable!!
What a wonderful ritual with your daughter! I don't blame you,I think I would pull her out one more time! ( bad mommy I know! ;) )
My daughters are grown now and I long for those times again. I guess I will just have to wait until they meet someone special and I have grandkids!! LOL
Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to see what else you are working on!
I will send a prayer to St. Joseph to help you sell your house!
You should bury his statue in your yard.I have heard of so many people that he has helped! :)
Blessings and Hugs,

Jan Castle said...

We're right here waiting, so no worries!!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Look at that sweet little gal... go on, pull her out on Friday! Then make another cute SB page for us to oooh and aaah over. :)

Lori said...

Busy, indeed! What a cute page. Your youngest dd is adorable. I think you should pull her out of school and have a day at the park and lunch. Why not? They are only young once.

Allison said...

Wow! You have been busy!
Love that page - it's so cute!

Carolina said...

LOVET that page!!! What a wonderful memory to scrap!

Lynette said...

Darling page, and what a fun time you two must have had. I would guess that would make you kind of sad each Friday, but you had the special times and the memories.

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Your sweet little girl is adorable, Cammie, and I love the pretty page you put together. Sorry life has been so hectic for you, but that, too, shall pass!

Jessie/knightrone said...

This is just ADORABLE!!