Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wish BIG

Good morning!  Ok...sorry.  ONE more cross stitch card.😏  It has been so fun playing with this Paper Smooches die that I have had a hard time putting it down:)  I tried a tougher stamped image on this one---was fun to try to figure out where to put shadows so he didn't look like a blob. 

For this, I die cut the grid then stamped the elephant image from Huge Hugs. Then, I used embroidery floss to fill in the color. 

Cross Stitch die
Birthday Sampler
Huge Hugs

Wishing you a FANTASTIC day! Thanks for stopping by!



Donna said...

Such a fun die and a great challenge to figure out the shadows and lines with the thread. Babckstitiching helps so much with that but with no pattern to follow I know that's a challenge. Fun card. I think you've sold me on this die! Have a wonderful day.

Patti J said...

This ones my favorite! Love this die! Thanks for sharing!

Mary-Anne V said...

Your embroidery work with these PS images are great.

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